Spring Clean Your Office Space

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Spring has well and truly sprung here at Love Success! We’re loving the lighter evenings and slightly warmer days. Of course, it wouldn’t be spring without a good old spring clean! As specialists in secretarial recruitment and PA recruitment in London, we know all about keeping your office tidy – so here are our top tips for sprucing up your office or desk space, making it a much more pleasant place to spend your days. 

Purge the paper

When you’re working at a desk in a busy office environment, the documents can soon stack up - whether you're a top London PA, a busy receptionist, or an industrious office manager. Take fifteen minutes at the beginning of one of your work days to sort through any pieces of paper that are floating around your desk or office space. If there are items that you need to keep hold of, create your own filing system that’s not too convoluted. This will also help you to keep organised in the future – you can file documents as soon as they come in, rather than letting them pile up in stacks.

Banish useless office supplies

If there’s any more than one stapler and one hole punch on your desk, banish them immediately! Do you really need more than twenty pens in your pot? Test them all, and whittle them down to around five (after all, a colleague may want to borrow one, a few may run out, and you need some back-ups). Sort through miscellaneous things like post-its, highlighters, and notepads. If there’s anything you haven’t used for the last three months, get rid.

Declutter your cords

Trailing cords and wires can make a desk appear much messier than it actually is. If you like to charge your devices, plug in your external hard drive or keep a USB-powered mug heater at your desk, and consider investing in a cord organiser to keep everything neat and tidy.

Disinfect your keyboard and mouse

You spend most of the day touching your keyboard and mouse, and there’s bound to be some bacteria build-up. Bring in an old toothbrush and some antibacterial office wipes to give them a much-needed clean. Tip the keyboard upside-down and shake out any debris, before cleaning each key individually. When you see how much grime and dirt comes out of these everyday items, you’ll never leave it so long before cleaning them again!

Declutter digitally

With so much of our working life nowadays taking place in the digital world, it’s just as important to keep your computer files and folders tidy and organised. Clean up your desktop and all folders, placing stray files where they should be or creating new folders where necessary. Empty your inbox, too – this might take a while if you’ve been letting those read messages build up, but you’ll thank yourself for it when it’s complete! 

Commit to continuing

If you commit yourself to keep your work space organised, you’re likely to reap the benefits during your working hours. A more organised, clutter-free space is going to boost your productivity and ensure you produce your very best work – so take five minutes each day to maintain order and keep things tidy!

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