Job Search Etiquette: Finding a New Position While Employed Elsewhere

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If you’re ready to start looking for a new job, most people will tell you to hang on to your existing job until you’ve found a new role. After all, it makes sound financial sense – it could take months for you to find a new company, and even longer for your first pay check to come in – and some potential employers may view you as a stronger candidate if you’re currently employed.

However, if you’re going to look for a new job while still employed, there are certain unwritten rules that should be followed to avoid parting on bad terms or disrespecting your current employer. With our years of experience as a leading London recruitment agency, we know how to bag a great new job while keeping your current employers on-side. So here are our top tips for following job search etiquette when you’re looking for a new position.

Remain committed

Even if you’ve already made your mind up that you’ll leave your existing job as soon as you get a reasonable offer, it’s important that you don’t switch off in your daily life. Give your current job the attention it deserves, and give your current employer the respect they deserve.

Don’t job search on company time

It can be tempting to while away a boring afternoon by looking up new job opportunities, but this comes with a huge risk. If your employer catches you, you could find yourself in hot water anyway. Save all of your job search activity for your own personal time – that means printing CVs, sending interview-related emails, or using the work phone to contact a recruiter.

Ask potential employers for confidentiality

Many interviewers will ask at the interview stage whether your current boss knows that you’re looking for a new position. It’s important to be honest at this point, because it could cause real problems if your potential new boss contacts your existing employer to ask for a reference. You want your managers to hear about your resignation and new job from you, rather than from a call from another company.

Be careful who you share with

When you’re sitting in the break room or you’re out for drinks with your colleagues, it can be easy to let your guard down and tell them about your job search. Be careful who you’re sharing this information with – it could quickly turn into a game of Chinese whispers that makes it back to your boss. The best thing to do is to keep your decision quiet until you’re ready to hand in your notice.

Don’t be afraid to update your LinkedIn – but don’t brag on social media

Updating your LinkedIn to showcase your professional credentials is harmless – and it shouldn’t arouse suspicion at your current place of work. But if you start posting about job searches or resignations on other forms of social media, it could easily get back to your supervisors. Playing things close to your chest is key during the delicate job search period.

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