How to Dress for a Job Interview: Part Two

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Job interviews can be incredibly nerve-wracking – and for good reason. How many other times in life will you be given a short window of time in order to make the best impression possible on people who could potentially change your career path? The outcome of this interview can change your life, whether that means missing out on your dream job or bagging a coveted position.

So, interview preparation is vital. From thinking up great answers to some of the most common questions - to coming up with incisive questions you can ask your potential employer at the end of the session, there are so many things to consider before you even set foot in the interview room. Naturally, thinking about what you’ll wear is also important.

A person’s dress sense says a lot about them, especially in an interview setting. It can give an insight into someone’s personality – and as the candidate, dressing well can give you an extra confidence boost that can help as you try to impress. As an experienced London recruitment agency, we know the importance of personal styling in gaining that dream role - so in the second part of our blog series, we’re looking at how men can dress appropriately for any interview scenario. 

Interview dressing tips for men…

For men, there’s only one real choice for an interview: the suit. It’s important to choose a suit that fits properly – one that’s too loose or too tight can make an individual seem less put-together (not to mention making the candidate feel uncomfortable throughout the interview).

Pair the suit with a long-sleeved shirt. Short sleeves are a bit of a throwback, and long sleeves will look more professional. White goes with all suit colours, or if you’re confident enough, you could choose a colour that is coordinated with the suit itself (light blue is a popular choice). 

Always wear a tie (there are many tutorials on YouTube if you’re not sure how to tie yours properly!). Novelty ties and socks are a definite no-no! You’ll have the chance to showcase your personality a little once you bag the job. Always opt for proper leather shoes, rather than trainers that imitate the style.

When it comes to hair, most men can get away with minimal styling. If hair is long enough to style, it should be neat, above all. Don’t use too much gel or hair product that can make the hair appear greasy (or worse, crunchy!). Facial hair is a little trickier to gauge – for a long time, a full beard was considered inappropriate for the workplace, but the conventions have relaxed slightly over the last few years. If nothing else, make sure your facial hair is neat and even, rather than being ragged and scruffy-looking.

Other tips on dressing for interviews

•        Go easy on the aftershave. Your interviewer might be put off if they can smell your signature fragrance before you even enter the room.

•        Pay attention to your nails. If you feel uncomfortable about going for a manicure, always make sure your nails are cut, brushed, and evenly filed.

•        Don’t be tempted to use a gym bag, duffel bag or casual backpack. Bring a briefcase, leather bag, or laptop case to make the best impression.

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