How to Dress for a Job Interview: Part One

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When it comes to attending a job interview, most candidates will want to do everything they can in order to make a good impression on the interviewer. After all, the conclusions drawn from this short interview can change your whole career path, helping you bag that promotion or causing you to miss out on your dream job.

You’ll naturally have some sample answers prepared to the most common interview questions, and you’ll have thought of some great questions that are sure to impress the interviewer. But what about the impression you’ll make in the wardrobe department?

Like it or not, your clothes say a lot about you – and interviewers certainly pick up on it. The way you dress can also affect your own confidence and performance in the interview. With our years of experience as a leading London recruitment agency, we've helped many candidates dress for success. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a range of top tips to help candidates dress to impress for interviews – first up, it’s the ladies…

Interview dressing tips for women

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!), the options when it comes to interview-wear for women are far more varied and diverse than the options afforded to men. This can make dressing appropriately for an interview more challenging.

For the formal interview, you’ll be able to choose between trousers or a skirt. If you choose a skirt, you’ll need to decide whether pantyhose or bare legs will be appropriate – we’d always err on the side of caution and go for some hosiery. Skirts should also be no higher than one inch above the knee.

Colour-wise, you’ll never go wrong with black. Navy is also a professional, no-nonsense colour. During the summer, you could opt for a lighter neutral colour – beige, for example. Try to avoid patterns – plain, block colours are more professional. If you want to inject a little personality, you can add a pop of colour with your shoes, handbag, or scarf – but try to make sure the overall look is pulled-together.

Your accessories will need to be more than professional-looking – they’ll also need to be practical. Your handbag will need to be large enough to comfortably fit A4 documents and folders, or perhaps a larger portfolio. Your shoes will need to be comfortable enough for you to walk in – whether you choose heels or flat shoes is entirely up to you. 

Other tips when dressing for interviews

Choose a professional hairstyle. For some ladies, this might involve simply leaving their hair down and natural – but if you’re someone who fidgets or plays with their hair when nervous, make sure you tie it back so you’re not distracted. Your hairstyle doesn’t need to be complicated or sophisticated - a simple ponytail or a high bun will suffice.

You don’t necessarily have to wear make-up to an interview if you’re not comfortable with it. If you do choose to wear it, opt for a fairly natural look. Nails should be groomed and neat – neutral colours are advised. Go easy on perfume – just a light spritz is enough.

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