The Best Questions to Ask at an Interview

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Picture the scene: you’re interviewing for a role you’ve wanted for years, at a top firm offering a generous salary and plenty of exciting benefits. You think you’ve nailed the interview – everything has gone smoothly and you’ve handled all questions the interviewer has thrown your way. Just before they conclude the interview, they politely ask, “Do you have any questions for us?”

This might seem like a simple way to bring an interview to a close, but it’s actually a crucial part of the interviewing process as it offers real insight into a candidate’s mindset. In fact, some employers claim that candidates who ask no questions (or who ask the wrong questions) at the end of the interview can come across as unprepared or uninterested, no matter how well the actual interview portion has gone.

So what are the best questions you can ask a potential employer? Obviously, there may be some niche questions that may apply to certain industries or firms. But there are also some general questions that any candidate can ask, which will not only provide some helpful answers, but will also show the employer that you’re a focused, prepared candidate who will excel in the role. 

With our years of experience as a leading London recruitment agency, we know the best questions to ask the interviewer...

What will the day-to-day responsibilities be in this role?

Asking this question ensures that there won’t be any surprises if you are indeed offered the job, whether you're applying for a new temporary PA job, a permanent office support role, or an exciting office manager opportunity. The interviewer will provide plenty of detail about your responsibilities and duties during each day, and it will also demonstrate to them that you’re planning ahead – a great asset in a member of staff.

Do you offer any training opportunities?

This question shows commitment to improving yourself, which can be a great trait in an employee. It’s also a great chance for you to find out about the personal development opportunities open to you. Your potential employer will be able to see that you’re ambitious, and you’ll get a better idea of how the firm treats those who want to progress. It’s a win-win!

How will my progress be measured?

By asking about the key metrics you’ll be measured with, you can show your employer that you’re already thinking about how you can be successful in the role. It also gives you a better idea of how you can expect to impress during your first few months in the job. If you know which metrics your bosses will be looking at, you can focus on those early on when you’re still getting to grips with the role.

When can I expect to hear from you? OR What are the next steps in the interview process?

If this is your first interview and you’re aware there are a few more rounds before the right candidate is selected, the second questions is the best choice. But if you’ve already had a few interviews and you know the firm is getting close to making their decision, the first question can show that you’re keen, as well as helping to set your mind at ease. If they tell you they’ll contact you within the week, you won’t be panicking when they don’t get in touch within forty-eight hours.  

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