What Can Valentine’s Day Teach Us About Recruitment?

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As Valentine’s Day approaches rapidly, thousands of people all over the country are planning special dates with their significant other, or looking for that perfect individual to spend the most romantic day of the year with. Forgive us for our slightly unromantic take on this special occasion, but as an experienced London recruitment agency, we couldn’t help but notice … dating is a lot like recruitment!

Both dating and recruitment involve the search for ‘the one’ – whether that’s the dream partner to spend your life with, or the ideal candidate to fill a vacancy in a company. Both involve extensive screening processes (in recruitment it’s the interview, whereas in romance it’s those first few dates), and both processes have been changed dramatically with digital interventions recently (LinkedIn is basically Tinder for job search!).

The comparison got us wondering what we can learn from Valentine’s Day, and how we can apply that to the world of recruitment. If you’re a candidate looking for your dream job - be it that top PA job in London, an office manager opportunity, or a busy receptionist role, here are a few tips we’ve picked up from the dating realm to help prove to any employer that you’re ‘the one’.

Prime your profiles

More than half of single people in the UK have now used a dating site to find a partner – sites like Match, Plenty of Fish, and apps like Tinder have changed the way we meet new love interests. Each of these sites requires users to set up a profile describing themselves, which is essentially a dating CV. When it comes to dating, in order to maximise your chances of finding true love, you should optimise these profiles, choosing your best pictures and emphasising your best qualities. These are all lessons we can apply to recruitment – make sure all of your profiles (whether it’s your CV, your LinkedIn page, or even your Facebook profile) are employer-friendly and optimised to show your very best side.

It’s all about ‘spark’

Sometimes in dating, you find someone who seems perfect on paper. They’re funny, polite, engaging, well-dressed, and seem to be the ideal partner – but there’s no ‘spark’. The same goes for recruitment – you might tick every box with regards to qualifications and past experience, but if you’re not the right ‘fit’ for a company, you probably won’t get the job. It’s nothing personal; many companies have a strongly defined company culture and they’re looking for someone who is perfectly aligned with that. Keep searching, and you’ll eventually find the ‘spark’!

Follow up in a timely manner

Everyone’s had the experience of not knowing how long you should leave it until you contact someone after the first date. You don’t want to come across as too keen, but you don’t want your date to think you weren’t interested. In recruitment, the unwritten rules aren’t quite so restrictive. It’s always encouraged to follow up after an interview – perhaps not the following day, but certainly within the following week. A follow-up can keep you in the forefront of the employer’s mind when it comes to inviting candidates for a second interview, and it shows that you’re enthusiastic about the role. Don’t worry about coming across as too eager – make sure they know you’re interested!

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