Leaving a Job on Good Terms

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Quitting a job to go where the grass is greener is never easy. You may have spent many years with an employer, building relationships with your colleagues and leaving your mark on the business itself. But now the time has come to move on, whether you’re leaving for a better position, a more high-profile company, or simply because you need a change of scenery. Despite this, leaving can be a tough process – both for you and for your bosses.

It’s in everyone’s best interest for you to leave on good terms – but many people leave with serious animosity between themselves and their bosses or colleagues. How can you ensure that you part ways in a civil and professional manner? From our years of experience as a leading London recruitment agency, we know how to leave your job on the best of terms, and we want to share these tips with you.

Tell your superiors as soon as you’re sure

The hardest part of leaving your job will be the initial conversation where you tell your bosses and hand in your notice. Naturally, you might feel that you want to put this part off for as long as possible – but it pays to get it out in the open as soon as you’re sure that you’re leaving. In your contract, it will likely say that you need to give a certain amount of notice of resignation (usually two weeks or a month), but you’ll generate some goodwill by exceeding this time period and giving your bosses as much time as possible to find your replacement.

Keep it professional

Even if you hate your job and are glad to be leaving, don’t be the person who brags about their new position or insults the company they’re quitting. You may be pleased to be getting out of there, but try to remain magnanimous about it!

Stay on top of your duties

Don’t shirk your duties or let your performance dip just because you’re leaving. If anything, you should be working harder than ever, because you want your soon-to-be ex-colleagues to remember you fondly (and you may want your bosses to give you a good reference!). Use your last few weeks at your current job to bring certain projects to an end, and work with your colleagues to make your transition smooth.

Be honest – if it’s useful

You’ll likely have some kind or exit interview in your final days at your old job. Be as honest as you can – as long as it’s useful. Try to offer constructive criticism, but don’t descend into playing the ‘blame game’ or bad-mouthing any individuals at the firm. If you want to complain about your job or talk badly about your superiors, do it at the bar with your friends – not in the exit interview! These are supposed to be confidential, but if you’re particularly negative or inflammatory, your managers will certainly find out.

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