How to Recruitment-Proof Your Social Media Accounts

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With the statistics showing that more than half of UK employers check out the social media profiles of candidates applying for roles in their firm, it’s clear that sites like Facebook are no longer simply ‘a place for friends’. Around 36% of the HR professionals and employers surveyed stated that they had actually turned down an applicant after looking at their social media posts – which means it’s more important than ever that your feeds are optimised for an employer’s gaze.

So how can you make sure that your social media accounts aren’t putting off potential bosses?  As an experienced London recruitment agency, we know some simple tips to make your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts totally recruitment-proof.

Look at your privacy settings

When it comes to Facebook, there are some pretty sophisticated privacy settings that allow you to hide certain posts away from public view. If you have the time, you can even edit each of your posts to ensure they’re only visible to appropriate contacts – your holiday pictures can be viewed by only friends and family, the pictures of the wild night out can be totally hidden from your colleagues, and anything remotely inappropriate can be removed from the view of employers. It’s worth going through most of your posts and applying these privacy settings – or if you’re short on time, make your entire profile private, so anyone who isn’t your friend will only see your profile picture. Twitter also has the option to ‘lock’ your account so that only accepted followers can see what you write.

Optimise your LinkedIn page

For many employers, the first port of call is the candidate’s LinkedIn page – and many recruitment managers say that if their LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and impressive, they don’t feel the need to snoop any further. An optimised LinkedIn page will show that you’re professional – whereas a LinkedIn page with crucial sections missing and little information available will encourage potential employers to look for further insights about you.

Choose a sensible profile picture

If there’s one thing you can’t hide from anyone on social media, it’s your profile picture. So make sure it’s a sensible and professional one. We’re not talking about donning your best power suit and taking some headshots for Facebook – just try to avoid pictures of you with drinks in your hand, or pictures with too much flesh on show.

Watch your language!

Many people use social media as a place to communicate their opinions on current events – and this can sometimes descend into heated discussions. While a little healthy debate is totally fine, remember to watch your language. Don’t use derogatory or discriminatory language under any circumstances. Avoid being vulgar – and pay attention to your grammar! If you’re being hired as a staff writer or someone with a lot of communicating to do, your potential employer won’t be too impressed if your posts are riddled with errors!

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