2017’s Hottest HR Trends

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We’ve waved farewell to 2016 and are now facing firmly towards the future, wondering what the next twelve months will bring us. When it comes to HR and recruitment, there are a multitude of growing trends that are changing how companies find new staff and look after their employees in the workplace. As a leading secretarial and PA recruitment agency in London, let’s take a look at some of the top trends set to affect the industry in the UK over the coming year.

Enhancing the employee experience

The employee experience has become more important than ever for employers. It’s been proven time and time again that happy, healthy employers are more loyal and more productive at work, which means it pays for businesses to invest heavily in enhancing the employee experience. Whether that’s investing in consistent training for staff, revamping the office space, or providing a greater variety of rewards for employees, all employers should now be looking at ways they can improve their workforce’s time at work.

Social media check-ups

An increasing number of employers are using social media to carry out ‘background checks’ on their prospective new staff. In fact, a third of employers have admitted they’ve rejected a potential new team member because of something they’ve spotted during these social media searches. As social media continues to permeate every area of modern life, employers will continue to carry out these checks. There are questions about the ethics of such practices, but as long as candidates leave their profiles open to the public, it seems that they’re inviting employers in! 

Flexible home working

Figures released last year have shown that almost a quarter of a million more people now work from home than a decade ago – and that figure is only going to increase. With the incredible technology at the fingertips of most businesses and employees, it makes sense to cut down on overheads and allow staff to manage their workloads outside of the office. As this remote workforce continues to grow, it will present a multitude of new challenges – how can employee engagement be managed with staff outside the office? How should productivity be measured? How can businesses ensure their employee’s technology is secure? All of these considerations will have a big impact on home working in 2017, as flexible work becomes ‘the norm’. 

Recruitment reflecting candidates

The jobseekers of 2017 aren’t spending their time on outdated jobs boards – they’re using social media and other online networking platforms to find their next role. This means recruiters must adjust their approach in order to reach and engage the right candidates for specific roles. Whether that means getting to grips with Snapchat and Instagram marketing, or launching an app of your own, it’s important for recruiters to move forwards rather than being stuck in the past.

The paper CV is dead!

The trusty old paper CV has been getting more and more outdated over the last five years - to the point when it’s now a dusty relic of a previous era. Nowadays, employers will accept up-to-date LinkedIn profiles or about.me pages as CV submissions, with digital resumes on the rise across the board. In the current environment, when digital and mobile reign, it’s essential for both employees and employers to adopt this more convenient, up-to-date method of showcasing skills. 

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