I Want to Change My Career... Where Do I Start?

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There’s barely anything more daunting in the world of work than changing your career path and heading down a totally different route. Swapping your safe, familiar job for something entirely new, with new colleagues, a new office, and a new job description is an enormous challenge for anyone. But it could also be the most rewarding decision you ever make.

As a leading PA and secretarial recruitment agency, we've helped countless people find their dream roles. So if you’re looking to change your career this year, pursuing something entirely new and taking on a brand new challenge, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to make a seamless transition. Read on to find out more…

Think about why you want to change

There must be a reason why you’re thinking of changing your career path. Perhaps you feel undervalued at your current job, or maybe you haven’t made the progress you thought you would. Maybe you only took your existing job to make ends meet, but ended up staying there for a number of years. It could be that you simply need a change of scenery to reinvigorate your life and prevent you from stagnating at work. Once you pinpoint the reasons why you want to change career, you’ll be better prepared to look for a job that will tick off your new criteria.

Assess your skills and capabilities

Sit down and make a comprehensive list of the key skills and abilities that you feel you have. You might be incredibly organised, or great at public speaking. Maybe you’re good with people, or innately creative. Figuring out what you’re good at will help you adjust to the idea of moving into another industry that is better suited to your skillset.

Of course, it could be that you don’t want to use your existing skills – some people want to change careers so they can develop a whole new skill set. For example, you may be a receptionist who wants to try your hand at a temporary PA job. If this is the case, make a list of all the skills you’d like to learn in your new job. 

Consider a gradual approach

Changing a career overnight can be a little too much of a culture shock for some. Imaging switching from a top finance job to a role in teaching within a matter of weeks – it would be incredibly difficult! Consider working towards your new career path over a set period of time – say, six months, or a year. Spend this time developing the contacts and the skills you’ll need to be a success in your chosen industry. Gain some additional qualifications, and network with people who are already in the profession you want to join. The more familiar you are with the new way of life you’ll be joining, the easier the adjustment period will be when you make the leap.

Join a recruitment agency

It’s time to set the wheels in motion! If you’re ready to hunt for your new job, join a leading recruitment agency to check out the opportunities available. The agency will track down any jobs they feel are suitable for your skills or requirements, they’ll help prepare you for your interviews and will represent you to your potential new employers, taking some of the pressure off you.

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