How to Negotiate a Better Salary

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For many people, the very idea of standing up in front of their employers and trying to negotiate a better salary is enough to make them quiver with anxiety. Don't worry - as a PA and secretarial recruitment agency with years of we experience, we know how tough this can be. In general, as a nation, we’re not very keen to talk about how much we earn, much less demand more money for our efforts in the workplace. But salary negotiations are a key part of life in the working environment – and the sooner you learn how to ensure your pay is aligned with your value as an employee, the better your working experience will be.

When negotiating a better salary, you’ll be in one of two positions:

•        Negotiating with your existing boss for a better package

•        Negotiating a starting salary in your new job

So whether you're starting in a new temporary PA job, want to be recognised for your efforts as an industrious office manager, or are seeking that top London PA job, take a look at how you should approach each situation…

Negotiating a better salary with your existing boss

The first thing you should do when you’re thinking of asking for a raise is do your research – that goes for those negotiating with current bosses and those negotiating starting salaries. Find out what the going rate is for staff with your experience and qualifications. Look at the benefits offered by other firms for employees in roles similar to your own.

Then, come up with your price. Be careful not to price yourself too high –  that could make it easy for an employer to turn you down flat. You should also try to avoid selling yourself short and settling for less than you deserve – it’s an incredibly fine line between the two, which can make this process even more nerve-wracking, but you can do it!

Be prepared to sell yourself. Use statistics and data to your advantage, and come armed with examples of positive outcomes you’ve achieved in the workplace. Bagged a big client single-handedly? Make sure your boss knows. Saved your company money by introducing a new workflow in your department? Show your boss the figures and make sure they know what an asset you’ve been.

But if you’re turned down for a pay raise, don’t become disheartened. Try asking your boss to bring your next pay review forward, or ask whether they’d consider enhancing the employee benefits you currently receive - if they won’t add to your actual earnings.

Negotiating a starting salary

Much of the advice here is similar to the tips for those negotiating with their current boss. The same rules apply: do your research, name your (sensible) price, and be prepared to show your future employers exactly why they should pay you more.

Much of the power in this situation is with the candidate, especially if you’ve already been offered the job – but don’t be tempted to lie or bluff in an effort to force your new boss’ hand. Telling them about a fictional offer to take up a top marketing job with better pay is never a good idea; they may not respond well to being put under pressure, and they might even try and look it up, exposing you and removing their offer altogether!

Signing off

Once you and your current or future employer have agreed on a new salary and benefits package, make sure you get absolutely everything in writing. Once it’s signed and sealed by both parties, you can celebrate!

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