What to Wear to a Job Interview

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What to Wear to an Interview – How to Find the Right Outfit, at a Great Price

Calling all Orange is the New Black fans! Is season two’s interview outfit episode not one of the most spot-on scriptwriting feats of all time? Even in jail, the question of how to dress for a job interview can still be baffling. Lucky for you, we’ve got it covered. As a leading recruitment agency in London, we’ve gone behind the scenes and put together an in-house guide covering everything you need to know about finding the perfect “you’ve got the job” outfit, at a great price.

The basics

If you’re freaking out over what colours to wear, experts assert that navy blue is always a safe bet. It inspires confidence, and puts you across as trustworthy and credible. For more insight into the psychology of colour, check out this great write up from StyleCaster.

Subtle touches

When it comes to putting together an ensemble that makes you shine, it’s all in the finer details. For example, if you’re interviewing for an office support job with a company that’s defined by a statement colour scheme, you can coordinate your outfit to match the theme. Make it subtle, but don’t be scared to splash a little light green here and there if you’re interviewing for Marks & Spencer. Chances are you interviewer won’t notice, but you’ll be sending a subliminal message of sorts that will help them envision you as a part of the team.

Hit the high street

If you’re on a budget, there’s absolutely no need to spend a fortune on an interview outfit. But the chances are, you’re probably keen to talk yourself up in something new. We’re the first to admit that retailers like Primark and H&M prioritise quantity over quality, but if you’re simply in search of a one-off outfit for a temporary PA job interview, they have some great corporate options. No, they’re not necessarily investment pieces. But hitting the high street can be a great way to boost your confidence - and ensure you’re dressed to impress.

To heel or not to heel?

We live in the 21st century ladies, so if you don’t want to wear heels to an interview, you don’t have to. If you lose out on a position simply because you chose comfort over style, you don’t want to work for ‘em anyway sister! If a chic pair of flats is how you roll, go for it. If you find confidence in a pair of killer heels, that’s also amazing.

Customise your look

There’s no hard and fast rules when it comes to interview outfits, as every job is different. But remember, there’s a BIG difference between the corporate culture at a Canary Wharf law firm and an up-and-coming tech start-up - and your outfit should reflect this. The trick is to customise your look to fit the personality of the company you’re interviewing with. For example, if you’re going for an executive assistant job with an organic skincare company, don’t hold back on adding a few nature inspired touches to your look. Keep things professional, but add a rustic finish with accessories like wooden bangles, a gemstone ring, or a silk scarf.

Remember, when it comes to putting together an interview outfit, you’ve already got the hardest part over and done with. You’ve landed the interview, which means you’re hot property for the job. Use this feat to empower yourself with an aura of confidence that’ll win over your interviewers, no matter what you wear.  

Good luck! 

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