What to Do If You Want to Change Careers...

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If you are at that stage in your life when you feel a career change is necessary, you might be finding the whole process a little daunting. Once you have settled into one kind of employment, it is easy to stay there, feeling comfortable in the familiar. But if you've recently been feeling that you've been stuck in a rut for a while, it might be time for a change.

As a leading London recruitment agency with years of experience, we've got some top tips if you're thinking of changing career. So before you take that leap into the unknown, read our tips on making the transition between careers as smooth as you can.

Make sure you really want to change jobs

Don’t confuse changing your career with a dislike of your present job situation. It may be that you don't get along with your present employer/manager/colleagues. In this instance, it 's not the career that's at fault, but where you are employed. Make sure you are looking at new career options for the right reasons.

Where do you want to go?

Ideally, if you have thought about changing your career, you will have some idea of where you want to go. If you do know, then look at possible entry-level jobs where you can get started. If you don't know yet, write down your passions and likes. Will any of your current career qualifications or experience help transition you into a new one?

Do you have any transferable skills?

Looking at your current career, can you take some of your qualifications and skills with you to your next employment? For instance, teachers have to have great communication skills, something a team leader in any industry would require. Look at your qualifications and see how they can be used in the next stages of your career. You might only need one or two extra exams to move forward.

Be prepared to retrain

Although you may have some transferrable skills, as with any new career change, you might need to undertake retraining. These days, there's no need to take large periods of time off work to achieve the qualifications you need. Most of the time, employers will not only allow you to take a day off work, but even pay for the course as well.

Get as much experience before you choose

If you are really stuck in a rut and all you know is that you need to get out - but you don’t know where to, the best thing you can do is get some hands-on experience in a few chosen fields. This might be in the form of temping to get experience, getting a weekend job or a part-time position, or even volunteering in a role. It's all about getting a feel for the job before you sign up properly.

Find someone in your field that can mentor you...

Mentors are becoming the biggest success story of the last few years, and they can help you as well. If you know which field you want to go into, finding someone who is already high up the career ladder can be of enormous help. They can aid you in where to start your career, network you to the right people, and guide you throughout your journey in the company.

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