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Temping work used to be what you did when you couldn’t find a permanent job, but nowadays more and more people are opting for temporary positions. In fact, statistics in the jobs market show that temporary employment is expanding. It makes sense for employers to benefit from hiring temps. They can fill gaps in their workplace at a moment’s notice, be flexible in unstable economic situations, and supply hard-to-fill positions. But how can you capitalise by working on a temporary basis?

As a leading PA and secretarial recruitment agency, we've helped many people gain temporary PA jobs and office support placements. So, here are our six benefits of working as a professional temporary worker.

You gain valuable experience in other careers

If you are thinking about a serious career change, what better way to dip your toe in the water than by temping in that industry? You don’t have to sign a permanent contract, but you get all the benefits of finding out exactly what the job entails. Temping also gives you the chance to build up experience in a new career so that when you are ready to make that all important switch, you can present your temporary work as evidence that you have knowledge of this new industry.

It is flexible to your needs

Temping is the perfect job if you have been laid off, have children, or simply do not want a permanent job at present. Working as a temporary professional is the ideal way to keep yourself in the job market and employed. You not only are keeping your CV up to date, but also are earning money at the same time. No future employer likes to see gaps on someone’s resume. They are much more impressed if you can show that you would rather temp than remain unemployed.

You get to learn new skills

Temping is one of the best ways to pick up qualifications on the job whilst working in new industries. This can be anything from learning about different software to getting a qualification at night school. Anything that you can add to your CV is of huge benefit, particularly if you are looking to change your career but don't know which direction to take. Best of all, some companies will even pay you to train for these new skills.

You build up your network of associates

We all need a strong base of people to help us manoeuvre ourselves into the right position. Being a professional temp instantly gives you access to other firms and companies where you can get inside information about jobs and opportunities. It also allows you to build up your network of associates that can assist you in getting up the career ladder. Like the saying goes – it’s not what you know but who you know that matters.

It could transition into a permanent job

If you are looking for permanent work, you should know that many companies first hire on a temporary basis and once they have secured a long-term contract, they then go on to take on permanent staff. If you are already in the company working as a temp, it is highly likely that you be hired over someone off the streets. Temping is a great opportunity for both sides to see whether the fit of company and the work is a good one.

You get help in finding jobs

We all want an easy life, and signing up to a recruitment agency makes your working life that much easier, especially if you are temping. Instead of you scouring the jobs vacancy lists every day, you get a dedicated team doing it for you. Someone who knows exactly what skills you have and exactly where to place you. It makes sense to join and take at least one stressor out of your life.

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