Top Tips for Finding Work in London

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Graduates migrate to London in their thousands once they have left university. In fact, it is estimated that at least one in three flock to the capital in search of work. Despite the many employment opportunities London has to offer, the sheer number of graduates chasing every job makes it difficult for your application to stand out. So how do you ensure that employers notice your CV through the endless applications they receive on a daily basis?  

Here at Love Success, we have experienced consultants that have been working in the recruitment business for over a decade. Our recruitment agency in London is renowned for getting the right people into the best jobs. We do this by carefully matching our clients with the appropriate graduates.  

So whether you are looking for admin work, top PA jobs, temporary work, or executive roles, have a look at our top tips for finding work in London. 

Get the basics right 

  • It is essential to make sure your CV is up to date. This means your name and address, telephone number, and email are all current.
  • Your graduation details should be clear on the CV, and any recent work experience should benoted.  
  • When you are compiling your CV, don't include a long mission statement, as it's not read by employers and if it's long, they tend to get bored and dismiss the whole CV.  
  • If you have completed any work experience, make sure to include your job title and what industry you worked in.  
  • If you speak more than one language be sure to add it to your CV, even though it may not be relevant to the job you are applying for. Speaking more than one language in London is considered a bonus and could be that extra factor that gets you the job.  

Networking is a huge part of finding the right job

Use your social media contacts to network and ask around for potential job opportunities. Nowadays you can actually send a tweet to companies directly, or message them on their Facebook page. Keep any messages short and professional and respect their privacy if they do not reply.  

If you are not on LinkedIn yet, then join up and add as many contacts as you can. You may get inside knowledge of jobs that are coming onto the market before anyone else does.  

Contact the company you want to work for 

If there is one company that you are desperate to work for, you can always contact them directly to ask about employment. They may not have any opportunities at the time of asking, but if you ask them to keep your CV on file, whenever a position comes up, they will remember you and you might get first choice.  

Many companies keep the CVs of potential employees that they did not have the positions for - just in case they have suitable positions in the future.  

Come and talk to us at Love Success: London's leading Recruitment Agency

You can do all the above, on your own, with no help, or you can come to Love Success. When you consider that jobs are fiercely fought over in London, with hundreds of applications chasing one position, it makes perfect sense to arm yourself with as much help as you can get.  

Here at Love Success, we help with all aspects of getting you that perfect job, from perfecting your CV, giving you tips to shine at interviews, and even assistance filing out time sheets.  

Research shows that you are much more likely to land the job of your dreams if you have help. So call us now! 


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